General information

Industry-oriented standard API Spec Q1 / API Spec Q2 includes, apart from requirements, outlined in ISO 9001:2008, specific requirements, related to oil and gas industry. Companies, that implemented this Specification, can demonstrate their clients, that they meet the latest industry requirements

API Q2 Standard – a new standard for management systems for services suppliers in oil and gas industry and repair contractors. APIQ2 requirements include (apart from international standard ISO 9001:2008 requirements) specific oil and gas industry-related requirements.

Benefits from implementation and certification

  • following world practice of oil and gas sector enterprises;
  • competitive growth of the company at national and international levels;
  • confirmation of product and services quality and company competence;
  • promotion of the organization’s image;
  • demonstration of company advantages to partners, investors, clients;
  • opportunity to take part in governmental, municipal, commercial tenders and auctions on more favourable terms;
  • receipt of orders from foreign companies;
  • additional reason for banks and insurance companies in determination of credit and insurance size and conditions.
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