Consulting services designed to assess your current level situation and identify opportunities to advance your sustainability performance.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

W3 LCA consulting experts can help you improve your understanding of the environmental impact of your products, processes or services by conducting:

  • A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which enables your organization to analyze the entire life cycle of your products or services with regard to its environmental impacts and to display these analyses in a transparent way.
  • A carbon footprint or water footprint based on a full Life Cycle Assessment model
  • A review of an Life Cycle Assessment in accordance with the ISO standard to enhance the credibility of the statements.

Our Life Cycle Assessment will enable you to:

Spot problems early

Determine and mitigate potential environmental risks of existing products and new developments early with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Continuously improve products and services

Understand the relevance of each life cycle stage and identify the most efficient measures for improvement with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Reinforce promotional claims

Make credible environmental claims about your product in the market by using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Corporate Environmental Footprint

Accurate calculation of your corporate footprint

Our experts can provide you with a corporate carbon, water, or land-use footprint calculation, as well as guidance in reporting – aligned with relevant standards. Our proven process follows these key stages:

  • Check relevance of company activities in terms of carbon/water/land use performance
  • Collect data efficiently through our Enterprise software and calculate footprint, while identifying hotspots and developing appropriate KPIs
  • ​Recommend effective measures to increase efficiency and reduce cost

Our Environmental Foot printing service provides you with:

Better view of your company’s performance

Our consulting experts give you a clear picture of your baseline performance, and where your more significant impacts occur in the value chain.

Competitive advantage

Gain an advantage over competitors by prioritizing measures and demonstrating improvements based on measures implemented.

Increased efficiency

A more effective method for performance management, improved consistency, accuracy and efficiency in data management, and enhanced abilities to consolidate efforts on Environmental Footprint reporting.

Integrated Sustainability Performance Management System

Helping you implement a system for success

We can guide and support you throughout the implementation of an environmental management system (EMS), or integrated management system (environmental and social impacts) by helping you:

  • Define and evaluate relevant environmental aspects and policies
  • Implement an annual environmental program with targets and actions
  • Prepare for, and perform, internal and third-party audits
  • Manage the overall process, including setting up a continuous improvement cycle
  • Keep the team motivated

Your benefits

Reduce risk

Manage and mitigate risks by putting in place a rigorous management system that addresses your most significant environmental or social impacts.

Save costs

Reduce the time and expense of performance management by working with thinkstep experts who have implemented many environmental management systems for organizations of all sizes, and in all sectors.

Supply Chain Management

We enable you to develop a strategy for assessing and managing the environmental and social impacts in your supply chain by:

  • Identifying potential hotspots in your supply chain
  • Developing a supply chain strategy that helps you to manage your risks and support your business strategy
  • Creating an assessment scheme or approach for your suppliers, including tools, guidelines and scorecards
  • Determining an approach for monitoring, assessing and communicating with suppliers.